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Who We Are

World against corruption PEOPLE COUNCIL

WAC people council is a non profit foundation registered Under Ministry of Corporate Affairs , Govt of India and operating from Maharashtra to help the one who is alone and in need.

One of the most important things we can do on this world is to let people know they are not alone. The main purpose of WAC PEOPLE COUNCIL is to provide helping hand to the one whom in need. To promote, encourage, manage, develop, help the poor or those who in need as so to achieve sustainable development of the society.

WAC PEOPLE COUNCIL mainly aiming to provide educational support to poor students who belongs to economically disadvantaged, child labors, disabled, orphans, semi orphans. To provide opportunities to develop skills and talents of children and women with the aim of generating a sustainable income and be independent to march with the time and age. To provide a platform for women and their families to raise for issues, to reduce harassment.

WAC Global Human Rights Foundation

WAC global human rights foundation dreams of a society which is adaptable for anyone despite of their race, religion or political views. WAC global human rights foundation mainly focused on socio- economic development of the society.

WAC global human rights foundation is a non profit organization registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs Govt of India.

Women empowerment and achieving gender equality is essential for our society to ensure the sustainable development of a country. WAC global human rights foundation is focusing on women empowerment and youth upliftment to achieve a better tomorrow. Development and promotion of small scale business are also taken under the wings of the organization.

To follow, adopt and promote universal declaration of human rights of united nations and Indian constitution & national International Law.

Our Vision

To promote, encourage ,create , help, subsidize , manage, develop, conduct, design, execute organize programmes and seminars on anti-corruption through global platform, educational symposiums, appreciation, literary society, facilitate opportunities, International awareness programmes in India and abroad and to work in collaborative partnership toward enhancing Social Responsibility in the field of corruption, women safety and other social safety with emphasis on promotion of our traditional culture to contribute to inclusive growth in the country subject to travelling laws on non-commercial basis.

Also to attract attention to a negative impact of corruption in international Organizations, Governments and private sector to remove the obstacle for effective governance, economic growth and national and international stability.

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